Novenco supplies refractory and installation services to a variety of industries such as Non-ferrous metals, Iron + Steel, Cement + Lime, Pulp + Paper, Glass and Energy. Our API 936 certified refractory personnel ensures that industry standards are met and provides peace of mind to the customer that projects will be completed properly.

Novenco is the exclusive distributor for Harbison Walker International in Northern Ontario, Northern Quebec and Northern Manitoba. For nearly a decade, we have been providing high-grade fireproof ceramic refractory products and services for high-temperature applications for our customers throughout Canada.

Novenco has partnered with Safety Robotic Demolition (SRD) for our controlled tear-out requirements. It is our goal to eliminate worker injuries and increase productivity on the site. These robotic machines provide the maximum demolition power in the smallest possible package. Electric and diesel powered remote controlled, this equipment can be operated in hazardous environments without putting any risk on the operator.

Corrosion Resistant Systems

Corrosion Resistant Systems

Novenco has built a reputation throughout Sulphuric Acid Construction expanding around the globe in such projects as new-builds or repairs for Acid Towers, Floors, Tanks & Chests. The vast experience of our crews include:

  • Membranes
  • Brick and mortar
  • Acid resistant coating and lining systems
  • Polymer concrete
  • High strength, anti-vibration concrete


Novenco carries the experience of installing materials in the toughest Industrial environments and utilizes this for other applications.

  • Commercial grade coatings
  • Safety markers and lines
  • Medium to aggressive non-slip textured coatings
  • Decorative flooring systems
  • Fire proofing
Concrete Restoration & Masonry

Concrete Restoration & Masonry

Novenco has an extensive history of performing concrete restoration and masonry projects ranging in scale. Some examples include:

  • Concrete repairs
  • Demolition of existing concrete (Ie. pads, bases, curbs)
  • Waterproofing
  • Crack injection
  • Exterior brick & tile
Material Sales & Pre-Cast Shapes

Material Sales & Pre-Cast Shapes

Novenco is proud to be the distributor for Harbison Walker International (HWI - formerly ANH Refractories) for Northern Ontario, Northern Manitoba and Northern Quebec.

Novenco has a refractory oven located at our Val Caron, Ontario warehouse. This can be utilized for off-site installations or pre-cast shapes that can be fully cured prior to shipment to the project.



Novenco offers Consulting and Overseeing services for projects within our field of experience. From Health & Safety and Environmental Supervision to Overseeing International Sulphuric Acid Plant Outages.

We have provided Overseers to North, Central and South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Our knowledgeable team of management, field supervisors and staff have the experience and technical expertise to provide services safely and efficiently.

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